Who Are You Representing?




Today we have ANOTHER guest post and I am SO excited to share it with you!!!! Kaitlyn You is a really good friend of ours and is an Amazing writer. I cannot wait for you to read what she wrote today so without further ado. . . . Kaitlyn You everyone!!!!! 


This. 🙏🏼

As Christians, we need to remember that others are constantly watching our actions and words, analyzing them. You never know who could be watching you and thinking, “oh my gosh, [Kaitlyn] is so bossy all the time, always pointing out the wrong things and never saying anything nice” and then go on to assume all Christians are like that and harden their hearts against Christ. Of course, that’s not always the case (thank God) but every one of our actions do affect people in one way or another. For some, less; for others, more. As humans, communication and relationships are so important. We seek others’ feedback one way or another, and our actions really do influence others. One little facial expression or comment could either bring life or death into someone’s life. I know very well how hard it can be, especially amidst the heat of a moment. I’ve been there many times. 😂 But we’re not like everyone else – we’re called to be representatives (“ambassadors” in other translations) of Christ which means we should be mirroring His actions and following the Word. No, it’s not always fun. No, it’s not always easy. No, going the extra mile is not always what we feel like doing. No, rebelling against the world’s ways is not always our first reaction. BUT. It is well worth the reward! Even though doing the right thing might hurt your pride or feel really hard to do, just remember this: God is smiling down on you.

So what does this look like? How can you apply this to your life? Being kind and courteous to everyone, no matter how that person treats you. Remember in those tough moments how God loved us while we were still sinners (that is, before we came to Christ). It’s giving others hope even when all seems lost. It’s saying no to the hottest trends because it isn’t His way. It’s standing up for Jesus even when it means risking your reputation. Just remember that it starts with baby steps and that it’s not always easy or natural. And nobody’s perfect, so it might not be happening every day. It’s a fight. Representing Christ is not always easy because we do continue to sin. But we have the opportunity and freedom, so we should take advantage of that and use it for His glory. So speak life into others! Be that light that guides others in this dark world.

This week, I pray that you will be representing Christ by your actions and just really thinking about how much power you really have to influence others. The question is, are you gonna use it for His glory or your glory?

About the Author

Kaitlyn is a teen SoCal gal who has a passion for Jesus, writing, photography, music and SoCal. A lifestyle blogger since 2014, she is the author of The SoCal Gal. Kaitlyn’s blog is her outlet for her love of both words and teaching, and she is inspired to use it as a way to pour into others’ lives and point them towards Christ. When not blogging, she is found immersed in a new photography project, playing volleyball with her family or checking out new music. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook at @thesocalgalblog.


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