Hello World! Welcome to Sisters Creative- 4 sisters who enjoy adventuring, exploring new ideas, deep conversations and being creative. We’re excited to share with you our unique God given thoughts, personalities, passions, gifts and life experiences. We hope that our different perspectives on life will encourage you, bring some light and joy to your day, and hopefully provide you with a few laughs along your journey.

Here’s a little context about us:

Kelly Kate

Okay here goes nothing. So to start off I’m 14 years old. Something that you should know about me is I am a spaz and I’m kinda all over the place. I’m always thinking of new ideas so if I stop in the middle of a sentence and then go off on something completely different I am truly sorry, but for y’all I will try to stay focused but we’ll see if that happens. Anyways I’m a volleyball player, writing lover, hyper-spastic, day-dreaming gal, Hallmark addict, talkative adult…………JK, got you, unfortunately for you I’m a teen with my own unique look on life. More about me:

  1. Favorite Color: Teal
  2. Celebrity Crush: Chris Evans
  3. Favorite Movie: When Calls the Heart (I’m also obsessed with the TV show version!!!!)

-Kelly Kate

Ann the Analytical Creative Sister

Hi, I’m 20-something and single, that about wraps it up…Just kidding.

I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in economics and I plan on graduating as soon as I can. And then I need to find a job…

I am a deep thinker and a sky-high dreamer. I am a hopeless romantic and a firmly grounded realist. I am flawed and I have been saved only by the grace of God (for which I am everyday grateful). I am very organized and sometimes a bit random. Chocolate goes with anything. Here are a few more things you might like to know about me:

  1. Favorite Color: Peach
  2. Guilty Pleasure: Listening to Hunter Hayes (or watching a cheesy Hallmark movie)
  3. Favorite Movie: When In Rome (But I will also watch any Jane Austen inspired movie at any given time)

That’s me -Ann the Analytical Creative Sister

Kandace Marie

Hey! I am also 20 something but the married version. I love my husband, my community, and my job. But lets face it, I am a little crazy and I cannot sit still for very long. I love to explore new places and find new passions. Something to keep me busy is always good. Coffee fuels my life and I am always searching for the best cup of joe.  I find God in seeing new places and meeting new people. I graduated with a Sociology degree with an emphasis on Youth and Families. What does this mean? I want/will to talk to you about your life and your relationships and I will find meaning in everything you say. Give me an idea and I will run with it and you won’t catch me!

  1. Favorite Color: Teal/Turquoise
  2. Favorite Movie: 50 First Dates
  3. Go-to Road-trip Snack: Gummy Bears

-That Adventurous Creative Sister

Elizabeth the Idealist Creative Sister

Hi there! I’m the almost 30, also married sister. I work as a graphic designer. Creating is my day job, hobby, and therapy. I enjoy all things that can begin in my imagination and be brought to life. I’m a crazy cat lady. I love to travel and learn about cultures. I am an idealist and in constant pursuit of deep meaningful relationships with those God has placed in my life. I’m a firm believer in daydreaming and passion projects which is why I’m so excited to be in this space with my sisters and join them in sharing our thoughts on deep subjects, adventures and everyday life.

  1. Favorite Color: Grey
  2. Favorite Food: All the desserts
  3. Favorite Movie: Baby Mama

-That Idealist Creative Sister

1 thought on “About”

  1. I just love all of you and am so so excited to read everything that you share here. Makes me feel connected to you, even though we live many miles apart! Xoxo

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