Slowing Down ~ Not Getting Caught Up In Life

This week I have been trying to learn calligraphy, which if any of you have ever tried to learn or already know how to do it, you know that it is hard and takes a lot of patience and perseverance, like much in life. But, there is something so peaceful about having the pen in my hand and having to dip the pen in the ink every few lines, taking a second to get more ink and then moving on. As I was practicing my calligraphy, it made me think – Life goes so fast and sometimes I just get caught up in it and don’t really take time for the little things. With calligraphy I have to slow down and write, allowing my hand to glide through the motions. There is something so relaxing about writing with a pen instead of just typing everything on my phone or computer. Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with typing on your phone or computer. I personally write a lot on my computer and phone, but I also do it the “old fashion” way, too. Whenever I take the time to write with pen and paper, everything slows down, my life calms, and I don’t feel like I am caught in a tornado anymore. When life is hard or I’m struggling with something, it helps me to write things down with a pen and paper. To be able to see the words on the paper helps me understand or cope with whatever is going on. When I am writing on paper with a pen I am able to express my thoughts and feelings much more easily and everything seems to flow because of the quiet and peace writing by hand brings. Everything just seems easier to understand. There is a sense of calm when I’m writing. Sometimes it’s hard for me to say everything I am thinking or feeling. Even when I’m praying sometimes I don’t know how to express myself so I will write it down; like I’m writing a letter to God. Writing, with pen and paper, is something that really helps me to be able to express myself.

So, if you are caught up in life and everything seems like it is out of control and life is just speeding by at a hundred miles per hour, take a second and breathe. Find something that will slow down your life and help you appreciate the little things. For me, that is calligraphy. What’s yours? I’d love to hear!

Kelly Kate

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